Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

What is a TPO?

Here at Branchwalkers we know that you understand the importance of trees and their maintenance, however sometimes the technical aspects of their preservation and protection can be daunting. Some trees have an order on them which is called a TPO – Tree Preservation Order. These are applied to ensure that no unnecessary works or damage can come to trees of high amenity and environmental value. In order for work to be carried out on a TPO protected tree, enquiries and applications must be made to the relevant local councils, and felling licences applied for where required.

TPO Enquiries & Applications

If you are unsure if the tree/s that you wish to have work carried out on have TPO’s then an enquiry must be made to your local council. If the tree/s in question are covered by a TPO then the next step is to fill out the relevant application form with all the information and details with regards to the work you wish to be carried out. As experts we are able to act as your agent and can process all the enquiries and applications for you, ensuring that the process from start to finish is stress free and efficient.