Crown reduction, thinning & lifting

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the process of reducing the size of the tree’s overall canopy. This involves shortening the tree’s branches evenly throughout.  Individuals may wish for this process to be carried out for re-shaping purposes to make the tree more aesthetically pleasing. Other reasons may include the need to slow the growth of the root system or make the tree more manageable, especially in restricted areas. During this process any large pieces of deadwood are removed, making the tree safer and minimising the risk of branches falling.

Crown Thinning

This is the process of removing inner limbs or branches throughout the crown of the tree to enable more light to filter through. This method will leave the tree’s natural shape intact. Should there be any deadwood, this will be removed during this process.

Crown Lifting

This is the process of removing the tree’s lower limbs to raise the height of the crown from the ground. This can be done for many reasons, though typically this is carried out to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass underneath the tree without harm or to allow more light to pass under the canopy.